Thursday, March 30, 2006

Honduras Trip - Our Projects

College Heights students and staff have worked very hard over the last few months to fundraise the money needed to get them to Honduras. This is the eighth year for this project at College Heights. Over the past 7 years students have been going to La Ceiba, Honduras and working on many projects for the community. Students have built houses, helped churches, orphanages, built a mission camp ( which we now stay in ) , helped to fix playgrounds and many other worthwhile projects.

This year's focus was on building a bathroom for a local family, repairing playgrounds and building the foundations for a wall that will eventually be a school. The bathroom was built for a family that has lived for 9 years in house made of boards and scrap wood. These people were so excited to have one of the basic needs in life provided for them. All the students really enjoyed the work in the hot sun and the joy of giving to a community.

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