Thursday, March 30, 2006

Honduras 2006 - Community Outreach

Part of the importance of a trip like this to La Ceiba, Honduras is the community outreach. Students are exposed to the people and get a chance to interact with the Hondurans. We were able to visit a couple of churches this year and a very large feeding centre. The churches are a great opportunity for our students to interact with the children of the community. It is without fail that several Honduran children will be sitting with our students playing and laughing and communicating using two very different languages but one common level of excitement.

Feeding centres are where children of Honduras will get up to 3 meals per week. This may be the only food these children will receive in the week. It is really an eye opener for the students of College Heights to see kids that have so little.

The last part of the outreach this year took us to the very people we came to help. All of the students went out in small groups to visit some of the poorest families in the area. One family we visited was a grandmother taking care of about 12 of her grandchildren whose parents had been killed. The children in this family had little clothing, food and lived in very poor conditions. We were able to give them some basic food ( rice, beans and flour) plus some cloths and bedding.
This experience of true giving is one of the things the students at College Heights will remember for a long time.

We do get to spend a bit of fun in the sun and this year we had the opportunity to go zip lining in the rainforest. All the students and staff had a great time in such a beautiful location.

Honduras Trip - Our Projects

College Heights students and staff have worked very hard over the last few months to fundraise the money needed to get them to Honduras. This is the eighth year for this project at College Heights. Over the past 7 years students have been going to La Ceiba, Honduras and working on many projects for the community. Students have built houses, helped churches, orphanages, built a mission camp ( which we now stay in ) , helped to fix playgrounds and many other worthwhile projects.

This year's focus was on building a bathroom for a local family, repairing playgrounds and building the foundations for a wall that will eventually be a school. The bathroom was built for a family that has lived for 9 years in house made of boards and scrap wood. These people were so excited to have one of the basic needs in life provided for them. All the students really enjoyed the work in the hot sun and the joy of giving to a community.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Upper Grand Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

UpperGrand Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

College Heights will be Hosting the 4th Annual Ultimate Frisbee
High School Tournament
When: Friday, May 19th, 2006
Time: 9am - 3pm
Where: College Heights Secondary School
Teams: Co-ed 7 vs 7 (4/3 split))
Farthest Huck Competition at Lunch time
Cost: $60.00 per team
Food: College Heights will be hosting a BBQ
Registration: Contact Stan Karabela @ (519) 821-4510 x 324
Head of Physical Education/Student Activities
c/o College Heights S.S.
371 College Ave. W.,
Guelph, On N1G 1T3
(519) 821-4510 x324
fax (519) 821-5531

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yearbook - Note from the Chief Editor

The yearbook class is now in full swing, creating your yearbook for 2005-2006.
Now's the time to buy your yearbook!
This week, before the March Break, the yearbook is selling for $15.00 with a student card and $20.00 without. Don't miss out, get your money to your homeroom teacher so that you too will have a record of another great year at Heights!